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Switching Accounting Systems


Depending on your existing integrated accounting system, Tallie will either allow or disallow you to switch to a new integration. This article will show you how to switch to and from the Archive, switchin between QuickBooks and QuickBooks online, and note conflicting integrations that may prevent from switching between them. 

Switching to and from Archive

If your integrated accounting system is currently set to Archive AND you have not synced with, you will be able to change the integration settings to QuickBooks for Windows, Quickbooks Online, Intacct or Xero. 

If your accounting system is set to Archive AND you have synced with, you will be restricted from changing the integration settings. 

  • Please Note: If you have manually uploaded list data in your Tallie account, this data will populate in the accounting system you choose to integrate with unless the spelling of each record (employee, project, customer, account, etc) matches identically to the existing record in your accounting system. Any list data (employees, projects, customers, accounts, etc) that exists in Tallie but does not exist in your new accounting system will be added to the new accounting system. To avoid this risk, reach out to Tallie Support to create a new account.

You will always be able to change the accounting system from QuickBooks for Windows, Quickbooks Online, Intacct or Xero to Archive


Switching between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop

Tallie will allow you to change from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop, and vice versa. However, when doing so, please confirm that all of the record data (employee, project, customers, account, etc) is identical. Record data can be truncated (shortened) when switching from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.

If your data (People, Projects, Customers, etc) is truncated in QuickBooks Online, you can either update the record in Tallie to match the truncated version in QuickBooks Online or update the record in QuickBooks Online to match the spelling in Tallie. 

To update the record in Tallie:

  • Before syncing with QuickBooks Online, navigate to Integration & Sync: Sync Settings
  • Set the Accounting Software to Archive (This will disable the sync with Quickbooks Desktop)
  • Update the records in Tallie to match the truncated version in QuickBooks Online
  • Cross check the data in each system to confirm the data is spelled exactly the same
  • Navigate to Integration & Sync: Sync Settings page
  • Set the Accounting Software to QuickBooks Online
  • Click “Connect to QuickBooks Online”

To update the record in QuickBooks Online:

  • In QuickBooks Online, edit the truncated data to match how the record is spelled in Tallie
  • Cross check the data to confirm the spelling is identical
  • In Tallie, navigate to the Integration & Sync: Sync Settings page
  • Set the Accounting Software to QuickBooks Online
  • Click “Connect to QuickBooks Online”

Conflicting Integrations

Tallie will prevent you from switching the Accounting Software between the following integrations:

  • QuickBooks Online to Intacct or Xero
  • QuickBooks Desktop to Intacct or Xero
  • Intacct to QBO, QBD or Xero
  • Xero to Intacct, QBO or QBD


If you are planning on changing your accounting software, changing to a new data file in your existing accounting software, or switching from not using accounting software to using accounting software and wish to sync it to Tallie you will either need to transition to a new account or work with a member of our Professional Services team to ensure a successful transition.  

If you do not wish to transition to a new account or, if you need assistance with setting up a new Tallie account please reach out to member of our support team via Our team will work with you to set up an appointment with a member of our Professional Services team who'll be your point of contact throughout the process.

Any integration switch that is requested will be charged a fee for the work that our team needs to do in order to prepare the Tallie account for the switch. The work that may be required to complete by our team includes the following:

  • Deletion of list data and XIDs out of Tallie from your previous accounting platform
    • List data includes things like your chart of accounts, customers, employees and so on
    • XIDs are back-end identifier codes that are specific to each accounting platform  accompany every piece of list data that syncs into Tallie
  • Creation and Implementation of a new Tallie account
  • Guidance on how to properly disconnect Tallie from your current accounting platform and sync Tallie with your new one
  • Assistance in processing a test expense report export to the new accounting platform

The purpose of this work by our team is to ensure that:

  • There is no duplication or cross-contamination of list data in your Tallie account
  • All synced in list data is only from your new accounting platform
  • The integration switch goes smoothly and without any issues or errors

Once the integration switch is complete, there will be some additional maintenance work on your side to complete. This includes:

If you wish to change your integrated accounting system to a conflicting integration, please reach out to Tallie Support.

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