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Credit Card Troubleshooting


Tallie can be used to automatically import your credit card transactions to help keep track of your expenses. Occasionally, some errors may occur when linking your credit card and auto-importing transactions. 

This article will show you how to troubleshoot common credit card errors within Tallie.

Step 1: First, be sure that the user receiving the errors has the Track Expenses permissions turned on. On your Tallie homepage, click the gear icon to access your company settings.


Step 2: Click the Manage Lists tab.


Step 3: Click People to access the company's users.


Step 4: Click the name of the user you'd like to edit.


Step 5: Click the Permissions tab.


Step 6: Ensure the Track Expense permission is toggled to Yes. Click Save.


Step 7: Next, make sure to Link your Credit Card, and Manually Map your Corporate Card Expenses.

Additionally, try these tips of the credit card connection has failed due to:

  • Incorrect or invalid security information: Double-check and re-create the login credentials. Then, make sure all security and personal contact information is entered, and all security answers are entered and answered.
  • Technical issue: This typically means there's an issue with the connection itself. It's recommended to attempt to connect the card a second time. If the issue persists, reach out to Customer Support.

Additional Credit Card Tips:

  • If you have a corporate card, we recommend reaching out to your bank and requesting an SFTP file feed between the credit card company and Tallie.
    • Mastercard refers to this as a SmartData file feed and typically all of their cards are viable for this feed.
    • Visa refers to this as a VCF file feed and typically, only corporate-level cards are viable for this feed.
    • American Express calls this a GL1025 file feed, and typically, only corporate-level cards and work cards are viable for this feed.




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