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Creating and Submitting Expense Reports


There are three ways to create an expense report with Tallie. You can use reports automatically created by Tallie from your purchases, you can submit all expenses together in one report, or submit expenses on separate reports.

This article will show you, a report submitter, how to easily create and submit an expense report.

Reports Automatically Created from Purchases

Step 1: Login to Tallie and click the Purchases page.


Step 2: From here, you will see all of your expenses. When you submit an expense, it is automatically added to a new report. To view that report, click the Expense Reports page.


Step 3: All new expenses will be grouped under a report called New Expenses. You can edit expenses if needed by clicking on the specific expense followed by the pencil icon.


New Reports from the Expense Reports Page 

Step 1: If you'd like to create a report with specific receipts, you can create another report by clicking the green + icon.


Step 2: From here, you can edit the Report Name and Report Notes. When complete, click Create Report.


New Reports from the Purchases Page

Step 1: From the Purchases page, you can create a new report by selecting specific expenses. Then, click Start Report.


Step 2: You'll be brought to your new report in the Expense Reports page. You can edit the Report Name and Report Notes by clicking Add Report Notes.


Step 3: Once your report is created, you can always add new expenses directly to the report by clicking any of the ADD buttons:


Submitting Expense Reports

Step 1: Once you've uploaded all your expenses you are ready to submit. You will see who your report will be submitted to in the report header. 


Step 2: Click Submit Report when complete. Your expense report will be instantly submitted to your designated approver, who will receive an email notification.





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