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Features Tab Overview


The Features tab allows you to mandate, exclude, or allow the option of reporting the Project, Customer, Department, Class, and/or Location when expenses are created. A preview of how an expense tile will look like to your users is shown on the right-hand side.


  • You can set company-wide defaults to mark all expenses as billable and/or require projects for all billable expenses. This billable setting is also available for individual expense categories, more details can be found here.
  • Select “Disallow people from mapping expenses to top-level projects” to hide all parent-level projects for users. This will override Project People settings, meaning, with this box checked, users won’t be able to select the top-level project they’re assigned to.
  • Depending on your integration type, you can choose to make Class/Department mandatory, optional, or do not use it. If you wish to utilize both Class and Departments, refer to this article.
  • You can enable Monetary Approval LevelsPolicies, and/or Groups here. To learn more about each, click the links above.
  • You can also turn on CSV Export Templates to build a custom CSV export file that is compatible with your accounting system. For more information visit this article: Custom CSV Export.
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