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Receiving Bank Delivery via SFTP


Bank Data Delivery

SFTP or Secure File Transfer Protocol is a way for Tallie to receive direct credit card data from bank sites on a nightly cadence. To establish an FTP credit card connection, please observe the following steps:
1. Reach out to Tallie Support via email to enable SFTP Bank Data Delivery. Please include your card type (Visa, Amex, Mastercard etc.) and issuing bank name.
  • ​American Express - available
  • Mastercard - available
  • Visa - depends on your bank's ability to mask card numbers

Once activated, you will see the a credit card profile similar to the sample below, with a unique username and password. ​

Please Note: Depending on your card type and issuing bank, your card may not be supported.


2. Contact your bank requesting a third party scheduled data transfer. 

  • They will provide you with the appropriate request form depending on your banking platform.
  • When acquired, please complete the form fields pertaining to your company's information then relay this form to Tallie Support.

3. Tallie will work with your bank to establish the FTP connection. 

  • Please allow time for a series of test files to be processed. The Tallie team will notify you upon completion. 

4. A successfully established credit card profile will update on a nightly basis.

  • The connection will aggregate data from the day it was established moving forward. Please note that we will not receive any retroactive data, as single card aggregations do. 
  • For subaccount connections, it is unlikely that all card profiles in your account will appear at once. Card profiles will appear in Tallie as new transactions are made. 


  • All FTP connected cards will default as Corporate Cards. 
  • American Express cards will automatically be assigned to the appropriate card holders assuming the names match (cards can be re-assigned as needed). Visa connections will need to be assigned manually

5. As cards are added to Tallie they will appear with a Setup Card button for you to address. Click Setup Card and the subaccount will become active. 


6. You can then pull in transactions through Manual ImportCheck the Auto-Import box on the card profile to enable an automatic import of new transactions to the Purchases page.

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